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Swollen penis and scrotal area

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I get a swollen penis and scrotal area once a year! It hurts to touch and swells to a rather large size, after 3 days of it hurting it stays that size and all swelling and redness goes away…but it will stay that size for ever more….then it will happen the following year around the same time of year (Jan –Feb) and it will hurt and swell and then after another 3 days the redness goes and it stays that size again (in other words it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, to the point now where I feel embarrassed to wear my jeans as it stands out like a sore thumb  ) This swelling has happened for the past 7 years, and not that my girlfriend is complaining, but I am scared that it will get so big it wont go anywhere…if you know what I mean. Any suggestions? Anyone had this happen to them?
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