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Swollen optic nerve has progressed

Hello! I am a sixteen year old female who have been having a lot of symptoms lately and who Is looking for answers. Last year I found out that I had a swollen optic nerve, as a result, my doctor told me to see a Neuro-Ophamologist. The eye doctor told my mom and me to come back later to look at previous tests. On the next appointment for contacts my previous doctor wasn't there and I got a new one who didn't really know what she was doing. She said that everything was fine and I got new contacts. because of that my mom and I thought that nothing was wrong. This year, my junior year, I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms that I didn't have when I was diagnosed with a swollen optic nerve. I can't tell my mom that I have been experiencing these symptoms because she wouldn't do anything about it. Once I told her that my abdomen really hurt and she told me Oh we probably need to check that; then she stopped caring about and never asked about it again. My neck is another peace of evidence; when I was little I started tilting my head to the side, my mom tried to home treat it to lay be on my hurt side. I still have it so It didn't help at all. I can tilt it all the way to my right side but I can't tilt it all on the left side, I tried to do physical therapy on my own but nothing helps. I think I just have something wrong with the disc at my neck, or my spine or something else. On the left side my neck is very tight while the other side is very loose. I can wait all the way to I get new contacts this summer and then I will probably be sent to the Neuro-Ophamologist again who will probably tell me to get an MRI. I've had a lot of symptoms that I have been hiding, but it is still obvious, my teachers can see it, but my parents can't ,they still think that I am perfectly normal, my mom thought I just had my contacts too much after the one that said told me about the optic nerve disappeared. I guess they are being over protected.

Here are my symptoms


Headache (Starts in morning and gets worse)
The Headache is coming from my right side at the top of my head
Period (One day or skipped or stopped)
Vision Decrease (A lot)
Optic Nerve Swollen
Speech (sometimes I can’t speak right, occcurs rarely)
Breathing Problems (I sometimes stop breathing for a few second and then start again)
Neck Abnormality


What can be wrong with me? Could it be a brain tumor? or MS? or what else?

I just want to know before what could be possible wrong!
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replied May 28th, 2014
As you said you had swollen optic nerve I would advice you to change the doctor and meet the best Neuro-Ophamologist of your city. Do not neglect otherwise it will be more difficult to treat the problem.
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replied June 19th, 2015
Absolutely agree - you should be underwent detail examinations with MRI check because you are writing many symptoms, which could be connected with focal brain injury. Take a wait is wrong.
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