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Swollen Muscles Due To MS Muscle Pain

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I have MS and I have not been fortunate enough to have a Neurologist that I am comfortable with.
I was always told that MS affects your muscles, especially since I have had these attacks before, however, I recently had the worst attack ever, with the right side of my neck, shoulder and arm. The muscles were in high pain and I am guessing, b/c of the tension or stress my muscles were under, my shoulder and my neck became swollen.

I went to my Neurologist yesterday, and she says that my symptoms has nothing to do with MS. I had an extensive blood test done and nothing was ab normal, my WBC were even up (from a 1 and now a 6) so everything on that end was good.
Could my relapse of muscle pain cause swelling?

Also, another question that is not related to the topic, if you may. My neurologist said that it is "normal" to have your WBC count to be a 1. i never heard of this before, and it does not make sense. I know cancer patients who are hospitalized due to that. What is your opinion? glance
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