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Swollen lymph nodes on the neck and wisdom teeth problem


1-1,5 month ago I started to feel my first swollen lymph node on the neck (in the back part - according to this picture .jpg the occipital one). Then week later i started to feel the other swollen node on the left side of my neck (cervical lymph node).
After a week, I started to feel another node under my jawbone (submental but not sure). And finally the last swollen node is on the right side of the neck (cervical not sure).
Nodes are movable, not firm, painless (but the had hurt when they where growing) and they are not bigger than 0,5 cm approximately(this told me my doctor too).

Sometimes I feel a little bit tired, my muscles are a little weak, my body temperature also increased sometimes (but not higher than 37,2 degree Celsius (98,96 Fahrenheint)), sometimes I have the feeling of fullness of my stomach (but this happened only twice) --> simply feelings like was going to have a cold or flu. My weight has not changed.

I also have som little infections inside my mouth, my gums are in some parts inflamed a little.

Half month ago I realised that my wisdom teeth is growing. But it does not hurt at all and it is still growing.

After I discovered that the nodes were swollen I went to see my doctor: he told me it wasnt anything serious but he took me blood for some tests. The results were negative - all the values were fine he told me i had great results.

The nodes are sometimes smaller sometimes bigger but the are never bigger than 0,5 cm.

Im very worried about this and because of that i would like to ask if these symptoms could be connected with my growing wisdom teeth, or there is only some infection, or it could be an allergy (i have non-specified food allergy) or something more serious?

Thank you very much for your answers. And I apologise for any mistakes in language (Im not native) Smile.
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