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Swollen lymph nodes on Chest I need follow up?.

My 32 yr old sister died of breast cancer last year and my 41 yr old sister has invasive cervical cancer (both kinds) so at 40 I get regular gyn and breast mammograms/mris.

A breast mri last week showed what was believed to be a lung nodule and a Chest CT scan was ordered.

The CT Scan radiologist impression is: "11 x 6 mm right juxta-diaphragmatic lymph node. Subcentimeter lymph nodes also present in the prevascular and right paratracheal chains. These do not meet size criteria for lymphadenopathy. Correlate with history (malignancy, recent infection, autoimmune disease etc.) to determine need for additional evaluation such as PET/CT or short term follow up CT.

My question: I don't feel sick. Just tired lately but it has been a busy year too. Do I need to follow up on this? The report was sent to my breast surgeon who can't follow up as it is not her expertise. I had scheduled a pulmonologist but now there is nothing in the lung and I don't have a primary care dr. I have had my thyoid removed last year due to many nodules (benign) and have diabetes so have an endocrinologist but I'm not sure they are best either. I did try the last internist I went to but she said I hadn't been there in 2 yrs and so she couldn't refer me. My insurance allows me to schedule directly with specialists so If I need to follow up, with what specialist?

Thank you in advance? Cross posted in Glandular forum as I'm not sure where this fits.
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