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Swollen lymph nodes in chest?

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I just found two small hard lumps in the inner edge of my right breast, more toward the center of my chest, but still on the right side. They are tender. Are these just swollen lymph nodes?
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replied November 20th, 2008
Lymph nodes are located more toward the under-arms. Here's a rough sketch of the area:

I'd suggest that you go in for a physical exam to confirm that these lumps are not cancerous. You can find more information about breast cancer with photos here: breast anatomy
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replied December 30th, 2008
The last reply is not true. you have a string of lymphnodes in your chest also. I know because thats where my tumour was. I'm 19 with Hodgkin's and normally the lyphnodes aren't palpable in your chest. They tend to be under the ribs especially if they swell. Im not saying its not possible but I would suggest a visit to the doctor ASAP. A CT scan is your best bet especially if youre young because doctors tend to assume that youre too young and healthy for cancer. a lot of doctors dont want to believe thats its even a possibility. Take control of your own health care. if your body is telling you something is wrong than THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. you also have lymphnodes along your collarbone. if your chest nodes are swollen theres a good chance youll have some along or collarbone or up your neck too so check it out. Good luck!
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replied November 7th, 2011
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