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Swollen lymph nodes and Wharton's Ducts

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Hi, this is a problem that I have had for a good portion of my life, but has gotten worse lately.

I will be eating a typical food that I have always eaten without any problem and then suddenly I feel a sharp knife-like pain under my tongue. I found that the only way to relieve this is a child was to twist my tongue upside-down and clamp my mouth shut, or to keep water inside my mouth. My parents would tell me to brush my teeth, but to no avail, and gargling did nothing. The pain was so intense I would be in tears. (This even usually occurred once every year or so) Usually I would claw at the underside and the pain would suddenly go away like a pop. In more recent years, I discovered that if I increases the preassure within my mouth, the pop would happen, and the pain would go away. I began suspecting I might have a cut under my tongue or something that sometimes food would get stuck in.

*However this last time I ate cheerios (which I had eaten fine 3 days before) and the pain occured. The pressure technique relived a huge chunk of the pain, but it still hurt. The right lymph node Swelled, and my Wharton's Ducts were also swollen and very large. I took Ibuprofen to no avail, the gland decreased, but now increases in pain and size every time I eat. Also every-time I swallow.
This has lasted a day and a half, when before it has only been for a few hours. I am confused and distraught, what should I do?
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replied April 6th, 2009
An Edit and additional information
Researching this problem, I came across another website that mentioned this, and said it was calcium deposits in my lymph nodes. This is apparently not common, but can happen.

Later, I noticed that what looked like a white dot was emerging from my duct. Very disturbing. The next morning, the dot popped and came out. Now I feel a LOT better. My gland is still swollen, but now I can eat.

What just happened?
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replied June 9th, 2009
blocked salivary wharton's duct
Thanks for your notes. They describe exactly what I have just been suffering with.

They suspect that it is a blocked salivary duct.

My 'white spot' 'popped' this morning.
On closer inspection 'white spot' was a small, seed sized calcium build up (bit like what the dentist scrapes off).

Once that was out, the saliva duct drained (very unpleasant taste) and I have been able to eat painfree; 1st time since Saturday.

Hospital invstigation this Thursday should confirm.
Good luck with yours and thanks again for your posting.
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replied February 15th, 2011
swollen salivary ducts/glands.
Oh, My salivary ducts seem swollen and there is a small lump next to my left duct. Painful to eat. Don't know what is going on. Suggestions? Let me know. thanks
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