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Swollen lymph nodes and pain throughout body

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Hi. One Night I was Cleaning out my Fan due to the accumulation of dust making it difficult to spin. Dust got into my face on the ground and on my bed. I didn't remove the dust from my bed i just went to sleep. The next day i woke up with a lump sensation in my throat. some days after lymph nodes were swollen in the groin area. Now I have Pains and aches through out my body i have been taking antibiotics but it doesn't seem to be working and my chest and back is hurting a lot. Could you please tell me whats wrong?
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replied June 6th, 2008
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The most common cause for this symptom, lump sensation in throat, is mild infection, usually due to viral sore throat.
Antibiotics don't work for viral infections.

Tell me exactly where you find swollen lymph nodes (are just groin lymph nodes swollen)?
What else you are experiencing?
Do you feel extremely fatigue?
For how long you have swollen groin lymph nodes?
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replied June 9th, 2008
I don't really experience any other side effects just a few pains here and there a slight cold i sneeze a bit and a slight chest pain. i am quite alright. my lymph nodes are slightly swollen now compared to before when they were a lot larger. i am still taking antibiotics though. but i don't feel extreme fatigue the lymph node is my groin are swollen for quite a while perhaps 3 weeks i think. My friend told me it might be infectious mononucleosis but i don't know
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