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Swollen lymph nodes and anxiety

Here’s my situation. About 12 weeks ago I had the sensation of needing to urinate frequently, went to my doctor and had 3 urine tests – all normal, the symptoms then went away, but I started to get very anxious and would regularly fined myself completely tensed up, seeming all over my body. A few weeks later I read about swollen lymph nodes on the internet and about a week or so later I had one in my groin. Now its 6 weeks later and in those weeks I’ve had (and still have):

2 swollen lymph nodes in my groin (uncomfortable – painful)
2 swollen lymph nodes in my neck
Inflamed tonsil (left)
Aching jaw
Feeling of swelling in my cheeks and under my jaw.
Aches / pain in my chest muscle towards the armpits
Aches / pain in the back of my neck and left arm
Aches / pain in my shoulders and top of back
Aches / pain in my thigh muscles and ligaments
Sore / irritated armpits
Skin crawling / itching
Loss of 14 around 14 pounds in weight
Increased fatigue / tiredness and weakness

During that time I’ve had numerous blood tests and a chest x-ray – all of which have come back normal. Went back to the doctors this week and she said medically she can’t find anything wrong with me.

Can all of this be due to anxiety? Has anyone else had this – haven’t come across anyone mentioned nodes swelling and anxiety, but if anyone has please let me know. This is all making me so miserable and I feel like the constant worrying is ruining my life!

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First Helper Kai123

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replied August 12th, 2009
hi there anxiety can show itself in many ways and honestly its the cause of many unexplained illnesses.

a fear that something is going to happen and you,ll walk an extra mile than pass the place you feel uncomfortable being in..palpatations and shortness of breath as sometimes confused with panic attacks.

tense muscles, rubbing hands together, heaving stomache, shaking, urinating frequent, some vomit, diahorrea but you have had checks so you know its nothing terminal..

i would advise you go on a mild anti depressant and see if it helps you..worrying is a mjor cause of these problems also and increases any discomfort or pain levels. relaxation is good also and you.ll find the symptoms should get easier..

ive suffered like you are now although never had the swollen nodes but have experieced the sore throats and also had tension headaches..if your worrying about a problem speak to someone even past experiences can cause lifetime affects if not dealt with..

hope this helps in some way but your not alone we have all been where you are at some point..

good luck
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replied August 12th, 2009
Hey, yes those are all signs of anxiety..but beginning signs. Thats how I was then months later went into a full blown panic attack. The attacks are said to feel like heart attacks and I can honestly say I agree. One thing to know though is that no matter what, a panic attack can never hurt you. as in kill you or any of that worry. Just take it easy and when you get these signs, say to yourself its just anxiety nothing else and im gonna be fine. Just breathe slowly in and out and try to think about good happy things.
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replied August 13th, 2009
Thank you both so much for your replies - good to know that it's probably all due to the anxiety.
Had a pretty bad day yesterday - tension so bad that when I woke up this morning I felt like I could hardly move with the aching, becomes a bit of a viscious circle - worrying and tension causing symptoms which in turn cause worrying and tension!! Think I'm going mad sometimes.

Have tried off the shelf tablets called Kalms, but they don't seem to have done much. St John's Wort has been mentioned a lot so many give that a try.

Thanks again
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replied August 20th, 2009
Chronic fatigue syndrome...b12 shots do help.they also have this healthy drink there is this dr.teitelman on endfatigue Internet site. They sell an excellent brand of vitamins.truely a great site worth viewing!!!it sound just like your symptoms.the brand is enzymatic.
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replied November 17th, 2009
Hello. I am having the same exact symptoms!! I have swollen nodes in my neck and that same pain in my chest near my armpit. I am convinced it is all stress related. You can make yourself really sick. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Feel better and relax.
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replied November 19th, 2009
It sounds like you have Mono. Mono tests are HIGHLY inaccurate and can produce many false-negatives. Get tested (through a blood test) for Infectious Mononucleosis. That would definitely explain the swollen glands in groin/armpit/neck AND the soar throat as those are classic symptoms of mono. Also the weight loss and fatigue. A lot of doctors miss-diagnose Mono but it sounds like you really do have it.

Also there are many websites and research linking mono to anxiety. I am a college student and NEVER had a panic attack before until I got mono. For 3 weeks I didn't know I had mono but had many of the symptoms you did. I started having frequent panic attacks (went to the ER twice) and finally the second time was diagnosed with Mono because I INSISTED on having blood tests (I lost 15 pounds of weight over a month) The date says it's August so I'm sure you're feeling better by now, but the anxiety has not left me so I'm curious if you still have anxiety problems. I'm hoping its not a permanent change with me.
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replied November 20th, 2009
Research can sometimes hurt you. I caught myself a few times reading into things and eventually happen. I had almost all those symptoms you are describing and so I look at symptom checkers to see what I can find. Very unhealthy to do this be ause you can trick your body into anything you read. If a doctor says she can't find anything wrong with you I would go with essesment and stop reading into things that bring on stress. Stress is one of the most powerful deseases out there because it tends to control your mind. Enjoy life and distract yourself outdoors. Don't enclose yourself in dark rooms. Open your window blind let the light in. Dark rooms make anxiety worse
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replied December 19th, 2009
These are all signs of inflammation and an immune system response. Not all bacteria or viruses can be identified by modern science, not yet at least, particularly the low grade type of illnesses. Often you have to know exactly what your looking for to test for it.

There is newer research that has found that for some people anxiety is the result of a low grade illness in the gut, sometimes lasting for years. The virus/bacteria can cause chemical imbalances in the brain which can cause symptoms of anxiety. Treating the symptom of anxiety will not solve the actual cause or problem although it may provide some relief. You can research this stuff on the web for yourself. Doctors who are most helpful and knowledgeable about this kind of stuff are natural doctors / naturopaths. Mainstream doctors won't / don't want to believe you, don't want to take the time to help you, and typically just treat symptoms instead of the cause.

The poster above who mentioned Mono is another very interesting example of how an illness that seems unrelated can cause anxiety symptoms.

Sounds like you went to a mainstream doctor. Any doctor who cannot identify the problem isn't trying hard enough or isn't trained well enough, I would fire them and find someone else. These are OBVIOUS inflammatory/immune system responses and you need someone with more expertise or someone who actually cares to help you find out what it is and help you. You'll probably have to do some detective work yourself. You have to be your own advocate and research it on the web. Don't take "no" for an answer. There is an answer to why you are experiencing these symptoms.
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