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Swollen lymph nodes after mono

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I had Mono about 15 years ago when I was 14. Typical stuff...
Though after it was all said and done a lymph node in my neck
remaind swollen. It's about an inch in diameter. When I do come
down with something it'll become firm and irriated. Why is this?
Will I have this lump in the side of my neck for the rest of my life?
Is it something I should worry about or keep an eye on? Within the
last few years I've noticed two more lumps appear in my neck that
aren't going away. Not as large, but what are they doing now?
I did see a doctor about the one large node many years ago.
He said it's just a dead lymph node from the extreme swelling of
the mono.(looked like a grapefruit on the side of my neck)
Is that really all this is?
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replied August 6th, 2009
I doubt that it's a solid mass of dead tissue, wouldn't that start to decompose and infect other surrounding tissue? You need to have a doctor find out exactly what is going on with that and give you a more detailed explanation. Ask about a CT scan to determine if any other lymph nodes are abnormally swollen and take it from there. You could also ask about having the lymph node removed and biopsied, that would eliminate your problem and also indicate whether or not there is a bigger problem.
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replied September 8th, 2009
I have this almost same exact problem. I had mono 15 years ago and one lymph node in my neck never fully went down. And it gets firm and irritated when sick or with bad allergies (like now). I've mentioned it to my doctor a couple of times and she's just blown it off. But I think I'm going to push it more next time I see her that I'd like to have it checked further. I read up some online - and if it is just a swelling and not a more serious problem, people have tried putting caster oil on it and had success with it shrinking.
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