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swollen lymph node on jaw

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I have a swollen lymph node below my right jaw line that I just notice from 3days ago from rubbing my neck I do not know how long the swollen lymph node been there because it doesn't hurt at all.I do not know what could have caused it to swell I feel very fine. But the week before I did get my teeth cleaned for the 1st time since I was a kid I am 22yrs old now and the dentist had cleaned them and flossed them and he told me that my gums were goin to be bleeding for 2 weeks because I do not floss and the week before that I was sick with a cold for 2days and I took some dayquil and the cold went away after that. I have visit the doctor's office and I did forget to tell her about my teeth getting cleaned and bleeding for 2 week she felt all of the other places that swollen glands can develope and she only found the one that I found. So she schedule me to go to a ENT doctor in another month and that is so long. My mom and Dad said that they get them and I spoke with people at my job ad they said that they get them but mines is swollen and I do not know why. Could someone please help me out or if you have a similar situaion please feel free to respond please Thank You!
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