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Swollen lymph node in neck and groin

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Last September i noticed a lymph node swollen in my neck - i spoke to my gp who advised if it didnt go in 6 months i could have a biopsy. A month later i noticed a further swollen node in my groin. After afew visits to the GP I went to see ENT who advised my neck node was nothing to worry about, small and felt benign. His says my groin was nothing to worry about also.
For piece of mind i had an ultrasound done which again confirmed nothing to worry about but there were several swollen nodes in my groin.
These have never gone down - but i can now feel about 3 in my groin - none huge - less than 1cm.
Im not overly worried bout my neck as this has not changed since last sepetember.

Has anyone else got nodes that have not disappeared and do you think i should worry if my gp isnt concerned sbout them?

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