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Swollen lymph glands and excess saliva

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well i have been suffering with a throat problem for about 2-3 weeks now, it first started off with the feeling of a ball or soggy bread being stuck in my throat when i swallow, you know the feeling you get when your either anxious, over whelmed etc and you get a ball in your throat, well i had that for about 1 and a half weeks, and then it dissapeared, my younger brother then ended up getting tonsillitis, and so did my elder brother and i live with them both, i then soon as my throat finally felt better i then ended up finding it uncomfortable to swollow, and also looked like i had early tonsillitis, with blister looking things at the back of my throat behing my uvula (the dangly thing at the back of my throat)so i went to the doctors and they said that it wasnt tonsillitis, and that it may just be where my muscles in my throat were relaxed and then tightening up due to stress or anxiety which i do suffer with anxiety attacks alot, and he said there was nothing i could take for it and that it should go within a few weeks, well i went back to the doctors the next day because it was really upsetting me, it was uncomfotable when i ate or drank, ive had to give up hot food and drink because it irratates it, and he said my lympth glands were swollen, and also i got alot of salava in my mouth, so all he could do was reffere me to get an ultra-sound scan on my throat to see if it is thyroid symptoms yet i looked up thyroid symtpms on the internet and i have none of the symptoms. i havent had my scan yet as i have to wait for an appointment, but i am sick of searching the net to find out what this throat problem is!! has anyone had the same thing, or know of what it is??

sorry for making this so long winded!
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