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Swollen lump near ear, sore neck, sore spot on scalp.

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Out of nowhere a small lump developed by my right ear inbetween my sideburn and the ear (the soft piece of skin inbetween there). The lump is hard, can't be moved.

This lump hurt when i touched it and it continued to hurt for a while after touching it. Then my neck (the fleshy part right under my right ear) got sore to the touch, then my scalp became sore right above my right ear, the part that is sore is about 1.5 inches in diameter.

This started last night June 20th, today is the 21st and it's a little worse than it was yesterday.

Please someone give me some guidance.

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First Helper Pred38

replied July 9th, 2009
I have had the exact same symptoms, which developed over the past few days? Did your improve?
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replied September 22nd, 2009
I have similar symptoms. The gland on the left side of my neck is painful and swollen, my left ear is experiencing pain and irritation, and the left side of my scalp has an area of painful, red, swollen bumps that are sore to the touch. I'm also experiencing some bad headaches on the left side of my head, sort of like occasional shooting pains.
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replied December 12th, 2010
serious scalp issue
for 13 months i have had several places with hard very large areas that both itch severely and pin too. headaches as well. also, it feels in some places like someone punched me in the head where the sore parts are. i started out this way and then appeared to have a 4 inch area of shingles on my back waist part by my kidney. that continued for a year off and on. that is gone now but the scalp issue remains. the doctors are useless because no matter how large the bumps are, they are not red or seen by just looking at them. but i can feel the large bumps very easily with my fingers! the sore ones and the very itchy ones make life miserable. i am not covered by any insurance that will aid in an accurate diagnosis or cure. i have no income now to buy the proper homeopathic remedies i know may help. i have fell between the cracks in life once again and it is very frustrating! if only one doctor would take me on as a charity case somewhere would be my salvation.
i am pretty scared as i have had these kidney pains too and i have read that a woman with the same scalp condition and kidney pains turned out to have cancer in her kidneys. i realize the shingles can cause neuropathy in the kidneys but the combination of the scalp problems she had that sounded adentical to mine coupled with the kidney pains (mine is both kidneys) and neuropathy would be only one... without a doctor that cares enough to really delve deeply enough in the issue to rule out all and come up with an accurate diagnosis i am lost, and feel like no one but no one cares at all. all submits to the county for help have been turned down! i feel very hopeless and completely miserable with the pain and itching.
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