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Swollen lump inside vaginal lip

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I have had a swollen lump on the inside of my vaginal lip for a few days. It started off a small pea size that was able to be moved around, and has since become much more sore and swollen. It doesn't look like it is a spot or anything, and am worried it could be something serious. I have read that it maybe could be friction caused which I am believing to be quite possible because I have recently joined a gym.

Please help me out on what this could be and what I should do.
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replied March 12th, 2010
Hi there. You should see your gynae as this could be a bartholin cyst. Its caused by your bartholin duct getting blocked. Your doc will put you on anti biotics if it is. Also soak in warm water or hot water if you can manage. All the best
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replied November 20th, 2010
i found a cyst near my vaginal lip.had it before 4years.consulted a doctor,the response was nothing serious,after taking medicines it was normal and again it started bulging...i am so worried will it become serious like cancer?
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