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swollen left pelvic area leading down to above my testicle

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ok im 20 years old and have had uncomfortable pain in my left pelvic area and above my left testicle. it comes and goes but it gets swollen above my left testicle and it get raised alot higher than my right. ive been to the doctor and they said it wasnt a hernia and wasnt a verococele. they said i could have pulled mt groin but i asked if that could cause the swelling and they said no. basically they took a couple educated guess and gave up on me. my seman has never been as thick since this started. i really want this taken care of or at least diagnosed. i cant have sex with my girlfriend because it gets really sore and swollen. the doctors at upmc pittsburgh can suck my penis because they think everything looks fine. o yeah and this all started as i coughed my lungs up with mono about 6 months ago. im not sure if its related but thats when this all started. im scared i really am. i love my girlfriend very much and i want to marry her one day. right now i dont even fell like a man.
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replied February 28th, 2011
Check with friends to see if their health care provider is any good and get checked out again.

Due to the coughing spell you had 6 mo. ago you might have ruptured or damaged something. This may be a long shot but they still don't find that it a hernia or even a lymph node problem, you might have them check your prostate. I know you're only 20 but at least you can rule that out.

If you get checked out again, let me know what it was. I'm sure it will help others should they have the same problem.
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