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swollen jaw on one side, no pain, MRI and FNA clear

About six months ago, I noticed that the right side of my jaw was swollen. The swelling is pretty much on the jawline, between the chin and the end of the jaw. It's quite a general swelling. The salivary duct under the right side of my tongue is also swollen, as is the parotid duct on my right cheek (it feels like a blister). There's no pain. My doctor referred me for an ultrasound which came back clear. I was then referred to a consultant who referred me for an MRI - of both sides of my jaw and my two TM joints. Everything came back clear, except for minor reactive swelling of lymph nodes on my neck beneath the swelling and slight swelling of the parotid gland. No lumps or tumours found anywhere and the swelling itself is quite soft and feels mostly like normal tissue, perhaps a little firmer. A couple of weeks ago, the consultant did a fine needle aspiration of the swollen area but it came back clear too. He says he has no idea what's caused the swelling. He will do a full biopsy if I want though he's completely ruled out anything sinister.

A couple of possibly (or possibly not) related points:
1. About seven months ago, a piece on the cheek side of a top molar on my right side came away and my dentist put in a filling; I'm still to have that tooth crowned. No tooth pain though and dentist has x-rayed it- all fine.
2. I get muscle pain in my right shoulder and neck if I spend long periods of time driving or at my PC. I also tend to clench on the right side. But the swelling is not where the masseter muscle is - it's closer to the chin. So that seems to rule out masseter muscle hypertrophy.
So I'm stumped and not happy with how this makes me look. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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