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Swollen itchy fingers and hands, rash also on body

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Last night my hands started to itch, then they swelled up 3x their normal size and I had a sharp pain in the middle of both my palms, overnight the swelling became worse, and the pain moved down into my fore arm. Also my right eye swelled up badly and I have a nasty itchy rash on the back of my neck and on the inside and back of my thighs. Please help!
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First Helper Lesslee

replied August 31st, 2011
I had similar, less severe, but chronic symptoms. Swollen hands, rash, anxiety, etc.
It turned out I had a food allergy to wheat! It's different from a gluten intolerance (celiacs disease) mostly in symptoms. If you have a food allergy it could be to anything: egg, nuts, soy, milk, and corn are some of the most common.

Has your diet changed lately? If these problems persist, see your doctor to have an allergen test done so you can change your diet accordingly.
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