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Swollen, irritated vagina

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Ok so this is really long but PLEASE hear me out.

Ok so maybe 3 weeks ago I started having sex with this guy a lot, and started the pill when I met him, so we do not use condoms. About a week into it I started noticing that my vagina was really itchy and sore around the opening. Each time we had sex it would get worse. I figured that I had gotten a yeast infection from not cleaning myself off properly after sex and then going to bed in very warm conditions.

Then, I went to visit my parents for a week (so no sex the whole week). I bought some Monistat 1, used it, and the next day went to the doctor. She didn't do a culture but she told me that it looked yeasty (but i think that was the discharge from the monistat) and prescribed me some medicine for three days. I was also using Monistat cream the whole time.

Everything went away except the itch around the opening to my vagina, so I went back to the doctor to get cultures just to make sure there was no yeast or that it was something else, and they came back negative, but I was on my period so I think that may have messed it up. My doctor prescribed me 5 more days of the medicine just to make sure, but that did not really do anything. I continued to use monistat cream.

Then, I went back to where I live with my boyfriend, and we had sex three times in a row the first day I got back and once almost every day after that. Immediately after we had sex the first time I got back, my symptoms completely came back, and this time my whole vaginal area, opening, clitoris, and labia were really red, swollen, and itchy.

I figured that maybe he had carried the yeast infection and passed it back to me or just re-irritated it and so I bought another Monistat 1, and my doctor prescribed me 5 more days of the same medication at double the dose from before. I also kept using monistat cream, used a Monistat 3, and used some probiotic pills and all that did nothing either.

So, I went to the gynecologist to get tested for STDs (hasn't come back yet, but my boyfriend says he got chlamydia once and cleared it up so I'm kind of worried it didn't get cleared up all the way and he gave it to me), a UTI (clear), and bacterial and fungal infections, and I got a pelvic exam (she looked inside with a speculum and such). She took a swab to test and said that she didn't see any fungus or bacteria, but I was on my period (again!!) and she said that this and the fact that I had taken a Monistat suppository the day before could obscure her from seeing if anything was growing in there.Speaking of which, when I started birth control I was essentially on my period for a month, so I don't know if that has something to do with this.

Anyways, the doctor said that the skin was just really irritated and that I should take baths using aveeno oatmeal bath stuff and use hydrocortisone. I just feel like thats a cop out because she couldn't find anything.I am just so confused!! There's so many options of what this could be...

I am worried that it is actually a yeast infection but the tests didn't show anything because I was on my period and had just used monistat the day before both times, and that the medicine didnt work because I drink beer every day and eat mostly starchy/sugary foods (im poor, they're cheap), because i just started birth control and my hormones are all messed up, because my boyfriend is carrying it and keeps passing it back to me, and/or because I have some crazy strong strain of yeast...

I am also worried that I was originally just irritated from having too much sex (i hadnt had sex for a while before this and never this frequently) and from me and my boyfriend staying in bed all day having sex and not showering enough (lol) because when i went to my parents for a week it got a lot better, and worried that using all of that yeast infection medicine (multiple rounds of prescription medicine, several suppositories and maybe three small tubes of the cream) and constantly rubbing cream on it, wiping at it, or itching it made it more irritated.

Or, I am worried that my boyfriend did not clear up his chlamydia all the way like he thought and that I have chlamydia. Or that I have something else entirely.
Either way, every time I have sex now it is really painful and it makes my symptoms worse. I just want my vagina to feel normal!!!
What do you guys think it could be? I really thought it was a yeast infection but I used soo much medicine and nothing did anything. What's wrong with me???
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replied April 10th, 2012
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I've been there with "just wanting to feel better already!"

You are right that your boyfriend could be giving the yeast infection back to you, he should be treated also.

After you find out the results of the std and other tests, then you should decide what to do. Applying organic, plain greek yogurt should be safe and give you some relief. I'd suggest applying as often as necessary to relieve the itching and pain, it will help replenish the good bacteria we all need to have a healthy vagina.
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