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swollen inside of vagina ?

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the inside of my vagina is swollen.(where the penis goes in) i noticed this before. then me and my boyfriend had sex and it was still swollen. there is no pain/itchiness/soreness/discharge or anything. it is just swollen and i cant find anything about it online. it is scaring me a lot because this has never happened. i am 19 about to be 20 soon. is this something i should worry about. should i see a gynecologist or what do you think it is? please respond. any help would be wonderful. thanks in advance.
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replied November 1st, 2010
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Hi shygirl26 and welcome to ehealth: Are you using enough lubrication so that his penis just slides into the opening of your vagina or is he kind of forcing himself which could cause some trama?....Try taking it easier with entry....Well lubricate the penis head and if it continues and concerns you then do see your OB-GYN...IMO, there is nothing more troubling for a woman then fear that everything that is happening is the right thing...Honey, if you are worried then have it checked out...Take care...

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