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Swollen hands, face following removal of diseased 7 teeth.

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I had diseased teeth pulled from my lower jaw about 7 teeth all together. This was 3 days ago. Since then I wake up with my hands swollen, my left hand more swollen to where I cant close it and my face is swollen. Less than 1 year ago, I had maxilla osteomyelitis with cellulitis 1 hour following removal of an upper implant. I ended up in hospital for 1 week and on I.V. antibiotics for 8 weeks. I am concerned. I went to the hospital yesterday and they did blood tests that said I am fine. But, I don't feel fine. I am on amoxicillan and they gave me antibiotics in the hospital i.v. Today, my hands especially left hand is so swollen and face is pretty swollen. SHould I be concerned? Thank you,
Crysta Lee Swindell
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