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Swollen hand and lymphedema after carpal tunnel surgery

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carpal tunnel surgery, 6 weeks ago vswollen hand,lymphedema?

hi, my mum had cancer 12 yrs ago, had radiotheraphy and kemo. no masectomy, just lumpectomy. no lymphedema since, all ok.

she just had carpol tunnel release surgery about 7 or 8 weeks ago and her hand is very swollen still. docs wouldnt give her antibiotics, went back to surgeon again yesterday and i went with her, they said possibly lymphedema but will do electric shock tests with the pads on monday at hospital.

q is..if this could be lymphedema, as she is very swollen her entire hand, cant sleep, tingling, numbness.. should the docs be giving her antibiotics? surely she shd have had them b4 and after op anyway?? can someone give us some advice please, docs here arent doing enough. if it is lymphedema, is that an infection itself..or can cause infection? the hosp appointment isnt till monday, its now wed.

any advice would be good, thanks.
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replied November 3rd, 2010
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Hi apacherose and welcome to ehealth: I wish I could help you on this, but from what I know about Lymphedema, this is what is causing the swelling... I doubt that they would treat this with an anti-biotic without checking and making the proper diagnosis...

Hang in there...Hopefully all will be well...You can always call them if you think she is worse...Take care...

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