There is swelling under my right K9 tooth, I have been using chewing tobacco for a little while now and I have no experienced this before. I am worried it may be something bad. I have pictures to reference. And please do not respond that I should stop.. I would much rather continue.
http://[image removed]*/view.php?pic=v78owo&s=8#.UyveFoX yAps
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replied April 1st, 2014
With that attitude you are likely going to lose all your teeth, regardless of the effort put in my bystanders.

It is likely the chemicals in the chew seeped into your gumline and down below your jaw bone, inflaming it and in turn causing the k9 to swell. If you don't change your ways, you will likely experience this A lot more on the bottom front of the jaw. You most likely have receeding gums, which in that case is the ultimate culprit here. Stage 1 of periodontitis.

Don't mean to frighten you, but that is a very nasty habit, and it will kill your gums and teeth if you're not vigilant with your hygiene.

Most importantly: See a Dentist.

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