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Swollen gum disappears after pus is ejected

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Yesterday, 20th March 2011, the gum on my lower jaws, right at the back after the very last molar, got swollen. If i leave it alone, i don't feel any pain. However, when i try to apply pressure, it hurts, but not too terrible. The next day, 21th March 2011, because i kept applying pressure using my tongue (automatic reaction), the swollen gum suddenly kind of letting out pus. The pus does not taste particularly bad or exactly, in fact, it seems to be tasteless. Immediately, after the amount of pus came out, the swollen gum returned to its original state, as in the whole thing never happen before. I don't feel any pain, after that & went to gargle using listerine. Additionally, i tried to apply more pressure on the gum to force the remaining pus to come out in hope that it will be clean. The whole process lasted 1 day.

In this case, do I have to see a dentist because if i were to, i'm going to wait for quite a long time. also, is my case serious?

Someone, please help me, I'm very worried about my dental condition. I have looked through the internet but none seems to tally with my situation, in which it disappears right after the pus is sort of removed through unprofessional method. FYI, it is only an area, not between teeth & etc.

Someone please help!!! Sorry for the lengthy message.
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replied April 10th, 2011
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