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Swollen gum and pain down cheek

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Hi. For the past 3 days, I have been experiencing a severe pain from the vein from the cheek down my neck extremely heavy close to my jaw bone. When I open my mouth my gum at the very last tooth on the lower jaw the molar tooth is swollen and almost had covered the tooth. It's painful and have been experiencing headaches. I hope I'm clear in explaining this pain. have gone to the clinic, I live in Johannesburg South Africa they just gave me painkillers and they said it's gonna go away. I cant afford a dr. now since I'm not working. Is thise a serious thing as it sounds like the pains in such a way that I cant eat. The tooth is clean, no sign of infection either and no holes on it. Is this cancer or what..the veins are burning..I cant lift my head up..
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replied March 28th, 2010
Even though the tooth is clean the presence of recent swelling and pain is an indication of infection and requires immediate treatment. If it is an infection you should return to a doctor to have the area checked again. Call your local government health department to see if they can direct you to a facility that can handle your treatment for free.
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