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I noticed a feeling of tightness in my groin, left hand side so had a feel around and felt a round, soft ball shaped swelling about a cm awaw from my clitoral area. Have been to the doc who said it is a swollen Bartholin gland/cyst but i have researched this on the internet and these glands are in a different place, further towards the opening of the vagina. I have now had this swelling 7 months or so, no real pain just an awareness of something being there under the skin with occasional feelings of tightening. Am awaiting a call back from the doc after she consults with colleagues but am sure its not bartholins. Anyone had similar? Look on the net and it can be anything from HIV to cancer!!
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replied April 21st, 2009
Me too!
I hope that you've got your situation sorted out. I recently found MANY balls swelled from the top of my left labia (larger than a tic-tac size) and somewhat inner right labia to smaller balls in a string along either side of my upper inner thigh. When my doctor "looked" at it, she said that she didn't feel anything. However, I hadn't felt around for myself at that point and didn't have the specific places to show her in mind.
I recently had a laparoscopy for pelvic pain. The result was perfect health for all of my reproductive organs. The pain in that region has seemed to subside quite a bit (the doc said that weird things sometimes happen after that procedure... like it just might jostle things into sitting better or something... mystery).
Anyway, the pain, which I believe comes from the lymphatic system is very uncomfortable. I can't sit with my legs crossed without pain. I have found very little on the internet myself... If you do hear of something or are (hopefully) able to get the right treatment, please pass it on. I will be visiting my doc on Monday and will let you know the same.
Take care!
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