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swollen feeling in the breasts = PREGNANT or PERIOD

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Each method of birth control comes with risks to your health. What are the general problems you could encounter?... 22 y/o and i had unprotected last period was on january 15. now i have severe headaches that has persisted for three whole days now. Also i have bruises, cramping and my breasts feel like their swollen. Now i work 8 hours a day for the whole week, all day im looking at a computer. im not sure whether my headaches is caused by stress from work, looking at the computer to long, my eye contancts need replacing but that doesnt explain my breasts feeling swollen. I want to believe that this swollen feeling is caused by upcoming mentrsation but still i havent got my period. am i delayed on my period? i dont really keep track (much to my dismay) also whats up with the bruises and cramping? im scared to think that im preganat, maybe im just gonna have my period now but i can never be too sure about that.. PLEASE HELP!
HEADACHES CRAMPING BRUISES SWOLLEN FEELING IN THE BREASTS= PREGNANT or PERIOD??!!! i have just discharged a brownish liquid..i saw it in my panty this a sign of pregnancy OR is it sign of menstraation???!!!!!!!!
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