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swollen face (it moves along the face daily!)

My father is 58 years old. last week he started to get some swelling(not red, seemed like water under tissue with no pain) in upper eye lid. after few days he got a swollen forehead and between eyes. now he has small swollen spots all around his face. One doctor said it was only an allergy. another one gave a rapid kidney test, the rapid version was okay. now we are waiting for the complete results. he has got diabetes type 1. here are some treatments he has been regularly taking:
Insulin: Novorapid+Lantus
Aspirin+Glibenclamide+lozartan+plavix+ator vastatin+hydrochlorothiazide+gabapentin+vi tamin b1

what could it be? we are so worried and actually terrified Sad based on internet I told him to stop the insulin but nothing changed in 2 days! we are waiting for the doctors to give us visit time(patiants don't have much rights in my country!)
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replied January 27th, 2014
First ensure clean and regular habits of food, sleep and urination.Maybe you can try Face Thin which does work.
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