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Swollen cervix ?

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I read that you can tell somethings by feeling your cervix. Well I dont usually go "poking around" in there but when I heard that I had to see what was up. However I have no clue what its even supposed to feel like! My husband and I are ttc 4 months and today I decided to feel what its like down there, I have felt inside before when I used tampons without an applicator and I guess it was normal but today it was like swollen kind of and very sensitive I dont think I was even able to feel my cervix(i dont know what it feels like any way) but for the past like 2 weeks during intercourse it kind of hurts if he isnt gentle. Im 3 weeks late and still neg on hpt...HELP could I (finally) be pregnant?
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replied September 24th, 2009
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It is at the top of your vagina and it will feel like the tip of your nose with a dimple on it.

During your cycle your cervix will change:

* it's height (high up in your vagina when you are infertile and lower down when fertile),
* the dimple (it is actually the entrance to the cervix/uterus) in the middle will open and close (closed when infertile, open when fertile or menstruating), this is where sperm will enter and cervical mucus, period and babies exit from the uterus and,
* Hardness/softness (it will feel soft when you are fertile and very hard and rigid when you are infertile)

The cervix can be felt if you stick your finger all the way into your vagina. You do not have to worry about hurting anything when you do that, just make sure your hands are washed. Your vagina is closed so you can not even stick your finger anywhere is should not go. Feel around the tip and the base where it enters the vagina. Watch out for sharp nails!

Cervical observations are very much a secondary indicator of fertility. Basal body temperature (BBT) and cervical mucus is the primary ones. The height and feeling of the cervix can just confirm these observations.

Now go explore!
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replied September 27th, 2011
reply about your concern of inflamed cervix and preganancy
thats normal w/ ur cervix being swollen. mine has always been a little inflamed. i got checked out by a physician and its totally normal. im also 4 weeks pregnant. it took forever but it finally happened. if ur having trouble getting pregnant try different positions w/ ur significant other. because, ur uterus could b located in a different position. mine is slanted n a lil to the left. the best thing is to go c a dr. get a papsmear. they can check out ur cervix. you won't be able to feel it. dr use special types of instruments to examine ur cervix. go c a dr. they will help you out w/ all ur needs and concerns.=) hoped i helped u out n some way.
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replied November 7th, 2012
One of the comments are wrong...when you are fertil...the cervix is high..not low.
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replied August 26th, 2015
My cervix is swollen and tender i mc 2 weeks ago and started back trying shortly after. I took and ovulation test it read positive!!!Just wondering if I could be expecting again?
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