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Switching to Microgestin Fe 1/20

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I took Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for a month and a week, and it was making me really depressed, so I went back to my clinic and they had me change to Microgestin Fe 1/20. How should this effect me?

Also, anyone who has taken it, has it helped you at all with acne, your sex drive, or has it caused any problems with weight gain or loss?
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replied April 15th, 2009
microgestin fe 1/20
I took microgestin fe 1/20 for almost 10 years and just went off of it 2 weeks ago, due to other reasons. I never gained weight, I never had acne problems and my Dr. told me that ALL b/c effect your sex drive to a "negative". That is one reason I am went off to see if my drive changes any. My Dr. also told me this is an older type of B/C and very low dose.
good luck.
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