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switching birth control effectiveness

so I've been on mononessa birth control since September. I got my period December 4 and started a new brand called microgestin 1/20 on December 8th. there were no gaps, I took the first pill of the new brand the day after the last inactive pill. was I protected right away since there was no gap or how long does it take to become effective?
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replied January 4th, 2014
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I am not an expert. I think the pharmacist who supplied the medication would have been able to provide a better answer though the leaflet in the pack might also provide the information you need.

My opinion for what it is worth, as the two pills will work in the same way even though slightly different chemicals might be used is you probably will be protected right away, however, in the absence of qualified information the safest option will be to use other methods of contraception until you have used one complete pack of your new pills.
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