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Switched pills.. symptoms?

Last month my pharmacy just up and switched the brand of birth control. They didn't tell me anything other than its different. I had some period changes and more acne so I read up on it and I was told you should always use a backup method of birth control when you switch pill brands because you aren't fully protected. Is this true? I did not and I fear I might be pregnant. This is the first time in my life that i have simultaneously had many pregnancy symptoms.
I've had nausea on and off, my lower back is killing me today, i had to take a nap today and I feel like I could nap again, I've had pretty bad cramps the past few days, and I've already peed 5 times today(thats high for me).
I even took a cheapy pregnancy test a few days ago and I thought I saw something but I think it was an evap line. I could only see it if i looked at it a certain way.
Someone please just lend me some wisdom or advice. I feel crappy with all these syptoms.
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replied May 3rd, 2017
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It was true in the old days that you could not just switch pills. But today with the modern pills, it is almost always possible to just start a different pill as if nothing happened. It is also likely that your pharmacy gave you a generic or cheaper pill with the same hormones. A pharmacy cannot just change the doctors prescription, except if the new pill is basically the same.

What you are describing as pregnancy signs may just be side effects from the pill. It is very very very unlikely that you will be pregnant.
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