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Swelling the auxiliary area and chest infection

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Age 42 no previous health issues slightly overweight drinks alcohol regularly

Recently the auxiliary area of both my armpits swelled, however no lymph nodes could be felt by the doctor.(the swelling has now 80% gone)
I then started with a mild cough for two days and this morning upon waking up started bringing up phlegm with slight ting of blood for the fist couple of coughs. This (the coughing of phlegm)only lasted 10-20 minutes and now virtually no coughing or bringing up of phlegm.
This morning I also awoke with a very very dry mouth.
I had a chest x-ray yesterday and the nurse said nothing to alarm me was shown, however the doctor picked up fine crackles in the lower right lung.
I should add that i feel generally fine with only other symptoms being a little run in the nose.

Does anyone think i just have acute bronchitis and don't really need to worry? I don't understand the swelling the auxiliary area and if its linked to my chest/lungs or if it's something separate.
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