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I'm coming up to my one year anniversary on Levora and I'm noticing something that I wonder are linked to Levora.

I weigh exactly the same as I always have and suddenly all of my pants fit WAY to tight, so tight I went out and bought jeans two pants sizes up so that I could fit into them comfortably.

I'm thinking about asking to switch to another birth control, but I've been on Levora a year, so could this really be linked to it if it's happening this late?
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replied September 22nd, 2009
I have been in levora for 3 years now and i have gained weight about 5 - 10 punds per year but not sure if its because of the pill and i also feel bloated all the time. i hate these pills and now that i stopped taking them 2 days ago i feel less bloated and more active too. every month i were to start a new pack i get sick for about 4 - 5 days but not sure if they are just too strong for me or not. I am going to try for antoher baby now and after that tubes are getting tied so i dont have to take pills anymore. they are so terrible. i have been on and off them for over 15years.
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