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Swelling on Base of Glans head (What is it? with images)

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Dear Doctor and everyone reading this post,
This is regarding my problem concerning my genital area. I am a male 26 years old of Indian Malayalee/Tamil heritage and a virgin. Due to unfortunate circumstances, i performed mutual masturbation with 2 males in 2008. The first encounter was in February and the second in late March. In both cases, there were no visible fluids exchanged. Also, in both cases, i felt guilty after ejaculating and left without helping the other partner to ejaculate. It was a terrible experience for me. Those were my only exposures and i refrain from such activities since then.
In April i developed a 'heatiness' all over my body. Temperature was still normal (36.5 deg). I consulted a doctor and took a HIV test as well as a blood count. The blood count result showed an elevated WBC (11.Cool and HIV results were negative.
In September, i noticed a swelling on the base of the glans head of my penis. It is on the right side.
I am still doubtful as to whether it is an infection or a just a nerve enlargement. I took a HIV test in December. The doctor told me it might be some other infection or balanitis. The results were negative again.
Please help me anyone who is reading this post and after looking at those pictures. I am devastated.
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