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Swelling of hands + feet + hoarseness

for the past 14 months i have been experiencing symptoms that tend to come and go and randomly intensify. theya re as follows:

Swelling of Hands- when my hands swell, my entire hand turns red and puffy and hot, except for my pinky finger and my ring finger. this happens to both hands at the exact same time. They may stay swollen for only minutes, hours, but have stayed swollen for days in the past. My hands swell to the point where I can not remove rings.

Swelling of Feet- again both feet swell, both turn red in color and become hot. Sometimes my feet swell to the point where I can't wear certain pairs of shoes.

Sometimes it seems that my face, neck, and stomache are slightly swollen and warm

Hoarseness- I lost my voice last year due to Bronchitis, at least that's what I was told, however I have not regained my voice fully since the symptoms began 14 months ago.

Fatigue- It is what it is, I am always tired.

Abdominal Pain- I'm not talking a belly ache or indigestion, The type of pain I get is normally and moderate shooting pain that comes and goes quickly and occurs randomly

Twitching- may not be relevant, but randomly my eye twitches, i'm sure everyone has experienced this at some point, but also muscles in my leg, arm, and shoulder will twitch.

I have an odd taste in my mouth, not quite metallic, I can't really explain what it is like, but it's not normal.

Occasional Blurred vision

Random chest pain- sometimes when i take a breath I get a shooting pain in my chest, this doesnt happen daily but has been happening more often. the pain doesnt last long, but normally the shooting pain occurs every time i take a breath for approximately 5-6 breaths.

Some weight gain, not because I became a couch potato or started eating unhealthy foods. One year ago I weigh 150 and I now weigh approximately 165 with little or no change in my diet and exercise (I exercise 3 times a week, the same I did a year ago but still put on weight)

I have had some symptoms occur in the past that havent happened recently, i'm not sure if they are relevant, but they occurred up until about 6 months ago.

Bleeding gums- when i brushed my teeth, much more bleeding would occur than a normal person, now it wasn't like a horror movie, but it also wasn't because "i needed to floss more"

skin inside my mouth would peel off, shed i guess? in very thin layers.

I used to have diarrhea daily, now its only maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

I think that's everything, I have consulted my primary care physician who sent me to a rheumatologist, who did tests and in turn sent my to a gastroenterologist who also ran blood tests, i also had an upper and lower GI done. I have seen two allergists who have done nothing and now every doctor has pretty much done nothing more than waste my time.

I am only 23 years old. I do not live a high risk lifestyle. I do not do drugs, I am not promiscuous,I have never been pregnant or contracted an STD. I am not an alcoholic. I have not travelled anywhere other than Las Vegas in Feb. of 08 (but had to leave early because that is when all of the symptoms began)

I just want to know what is wrong with me so I can feel like I am me again. These symptoms have taken my identity away from me. Also I don't want to be scared anymore. I worry every day that there is something wrong with me and that no one will ever be able to tell me what it is.

I don't know where else to look for help.
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replied March 20th, 2009
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I believe i can help you fix this
I feel your pain! these are symptoms that i have suffered for years only to realise i had to find out for myself because the doc's exhausted everything they knew, i have been wanting my doc's to investigate my thyroid function but they refused to go further than the mainstream tests that all proved normal range.Things you need to know are the balance of nutritional nutrients ie minerals & how to manage them & what effect they have on the body if they are unbalanced. The other thing is most likely the swelling is related to a unbalance of natural salts & water, if we don't have enough water (clean,least poluted) in our systems our bodies lock up the salts in our system because it is under fear of dehydration which causes swelling. salt is crucial to good health if not why would we be given a saline I V drip in hospital. The cells of our body all are surrounded by fluid which is as salty as ocean water this is so that the cells can recieve what is good & expell what is bad. NOW BEFORE YOU GO OUT & race for the salt & water there is some research you need to do. the following two sites are a good place to gain this education, remember only God knows all, the rest of us no matter how good we think we are, can all learn new things, so don't be put off by the arrogance of the professionals that say it is wrong you know you better than any. Get education & make the decission that will change your life & health for good. The two sites are shirleyswellnesscafe, here you will learn lots the first are salt & water.the other is where you will be amazed at the familiararity of things you learn, it will tell you how to manage nutrition & balance nutrients. it is good to have a compassionate health professional who is willing to help you with this. An orthomolecular nutritionist is a good one to have.lastly if you are subject to blood clots etc the following is possibly a life saver. apparently cholesterol melts at 149 deg f, add lecithin and the melting point reduces to 85deg f, add omega three essential fatty acids the melting point drops to zero which apparently having these in our diets should reduce the risk of blockages in our blood
Do the research make educated decisions for your self. i am available by email through this site which allows you to keep your address unknown to others. click on the logo(avatar) beside my subject topic on the next page at top centre select send a message this will get you in contact. hope this helps
Pray to God he will guide you on this & i pray that this can help you & all who need health repair.
God Bless!
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