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swelling in the whole right body

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Iam 17 years old , six months ago i felt n enlargement in my whole right side of the body with pain in the same side , currently i have chills with 2 lumps on the same right side with ear and throat pain , but i felt those lumps and ear and throat soreness after two days from using a headphone for hours and i am having my left wisdom teeth now nurse i am concerned to know what i might have currently , and what causes this swelling in the right side thanks , for knowledge : i have mild hypertension too Smile
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replied January 6th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

The enlargement of one side of the body is called hemihypertrophy. If you would like to read on article about this condition the following is a quite thorough one:

Current Concepts Review - Hemihypertrophy. Concepts and Controversies
R. Tracy Ballock, Georgia L. Wiesner, Melissa T. Myers, George H. Thompson
The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Volume 79, Issue 11, November 01, 1997

However, this is much different from swelling of parts on one side of the body. Here, the underlying body structure is normal, some parts are just swollen. In hemihypertrophy, the underlying structure of one side of the body is larger than the other side.

So, you sort of have to determine which it is.

Anyways, no matter what it is, swelling that is persistent should be evaluated, especially if it is associated with pain.

You might want to see your physician. Good luck.
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