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swelling in the scrotum area after open hernia surgery

I am in day 5 after my open hernia surgery. On day 2 extreme swelling came into my scrotum area. I am currently wearing jockey tight underwear for support and would like to know if that is the best thing to do or is it best not to wear underwear. I would also like any other suggestions from others that have experienced the swelling in the scrotum. Also is it better to lay down or sit up more to speed up the reduction of the swelling in the scrotum area..
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replied June 21st, 2016
I've had two inguinal hernia surgeries, the first in October 2013 and the second in August 2014. On both occasions, I had significant scrotal swelling plus my scrotum turned a deep black/blue color. I found it helpful to have no pressure on my scrotum at all, as would happen with any kind of underwear. I spent about two weeks just lying down and only getting up to use the bathroom as necessary. Each day, I would spend some time sitting up and applying ice packs but then would get back into bed. Gradually, the swelling went down and the black and blue went away. However, that process took about a month.
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