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Swelling during period

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so i have my monthly on time last mouth and when i have my mouthly my well down there get all puffed up ilke it swollen if you you would say. then i get off my period and it goes a way. that happness ever mouth... but this mouth i got the swollen feeling down there about a week after me and my bf well did the thing. its been swollen for a little over a week know i not sure why or what it is. it dont hurt to pee and i dont feel like i going to have my mouthly... i have been really tryed the last week and sick. thing i like arnt so much what i want. but it not that i dont just that i dont really eat that much any more... does any one know what this might be. if you do can you talk to me.. oh ya to and to that not to be gross i get this like clear slimey stuff when i pee frist thing in the morning... glance Question
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replied April 7th, 2010
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Jeannine, Is it possible that you are allergic to the pads you are using? Some women is allergic to the pad covering or the plastic backing. You should also use unscented pads and only wash with clean water or very mild unscented soap down there.

Do you have any smell coming from your vagina? If you do it might be a bacterial infection that can hide most of your cycle but come out during your period and during intercourse without a condom.

The slimy stuff sounds like your normal cervical mucus. It changes during your cycle. When you are fertile, it is very wet, stretchy and clear (like raw egg whites). When you sleep it will gather up and when you pee, you will squeeze it all out. That type of mucus will be around for about a week during every cycle. Smile Mucus is not gross, it is what allows the man''s sperm to survive and get into your uterus when you are trying to make a baby. It is one of the many wonders of your body.

I hope you and your boyfriend used a condom whn you had intercourse!! You have to protect yourself from pregnancy, infections and STDs.

Take care.
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