Hi there, I have been diagnosed with a similar problem in the past but it was so long ago I am pretty sure it was herpes but I can't be 100% sure. Anyway I felt an itching/tingling feeling around the end of my penis last Friday, I am circumcised, and when I checked I saw the area on the penis shaft just before the head of the penis was swollen and red all along the top, so basically the foreskin area and including the gland area. It also looked like there were the beginnings of some reddish spots in the same area. (The total circumference of the gland area was already slightly swollen from sex a few days earlier).

I ordered a prescription of acyclovir tablets which I picked up Saturday afternoon. 3 tablets a day for 5 days. On the Saturday morning the swelling had doubled and was now all around the circumference of the glands area of the penis and "the banjo". The spots had also become more developed, about 10 in total all located in the same area that the original swelling began. The spots are dark/purple. The swelling reduced by Saturday night but was back to very swollen on Sunday morning. This area is very sensitive and quite itchy. I have been taking the tablets for 3 days now, this is the morning of the 4th day and the symptoms are exactly the same, the swelling isnt going down if anything its getting worse, there doesnt seem to be any sign of the progression through the symptoms of the spots described in many herpes descpritions online: spots blistering and bursting and then drying out, my spots have stayed exactly the same.

I have also not actually been able to find a discription of herpes online that includes the swelling I have described so I'm now thinking i have misdiagnosed and am taking the wrong tablets?

Thanks in advance for your help
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replied October 31st, 2012

5 days of taking acyclovir tablets, 6 days since I noticed the symptoms. There has been no change in the swelling as far as I can tell, still very swollen all around the glands area/corona, and just before the glands area on the shaft, and underneath on the banjo/frenulum.

The spots appear to be changing slightly but not a lot, I cant really tell. I have been taking baths with Epsom salts which definitely eases the itching and sensitivity for a few hours and this is also meant to dry out the spots and speed up the healing process. I think slight change in the spots, if at all, is the Epsom salts having an effect, could be the tablets kicking in though.

Any help/advice would be appreciated
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