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Swelling and pain in left testicle

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about two weeks ago I started feeling odd "twinges" in my right testicle, it felt like my shorts were too tight. A few days later, the pain suddenly switched to my left testicle and intensified to the point where I felt like I was being kicked in the crotch repeatedly. I went to my doctor who informed me I had Epididymitis and prescribed antibiotics. I felt better for a few days, but then suddenly the pain flared up again and my left testicle suddenly swelled up to about twice its regular size. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories, which have not done anything to reduce the swelling.

I've since finished both prescriptions but the pain and swelling continue. The pain is focused on the bottom of the left and there is a large, upraised "ridge" that is intensely painful to touch. The right sometimes aches as well, and there is also a ridge there but it is much smaller and the pain is mostly restricted to the left.

I have an ultrasound scheduled but it's not for several weeks and I'm starting to get quite concerned.
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replied October 9th, 2013
Pain and swelling in left testical
I have been struggeling with a similar problem for the last two years now. My urologist diagnosed me with intersistial cyctitus and has been treating me for that with no improvement. My pain started at the gym after doing squats. I have taken more meds it the past two years for this than I have in my whole life. The pain is still there, so I am scheduling an appointment for a second opinion. Reading up on this on the internet, it seems this is a common problem. And the short of what I have found is your screwed! I am going to see about removal. I hate to do it but I do not want to live my whole life in pain! Good luck with finding good treatment!
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