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Sweet smelling vaginal discharge?

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It started right before my period. I had cloudy, strong smelling urine along with a little burning when I peed. I figured I had a UTI, right? Since I don't have insurance, I did the best I could with cranberry juice and a lot of water, and while the burning eased, I still had some cloudy urine.
Then, once my period was over, I started having some discharge with a fishy smell... classic symptom of BV, which I get periodically. So, I started to treat it with VH Esstentials insterts. The fishy smell started going away after day two, but when I woke up after doing the inserts, I had lots of discharge on my panty-liner (which is normal), but there was a slightly yellowish tinge to it (not sure whether or not that's normal). And while the fishy smell had gone mostly, it was still pretty strong when I urinated, and the burning was still there occasionally. The fishy smell when I wasn't using the restroom was then replaced with a VERY strong sweet smell (so strong I could smell it when I was just sitting around), with a little bit of watery discharge.
Now the sweet smell is still present, the fishy smell is almost gone when I pee, and I am still having discomfort when I pee as well. I have also begun to have a clumpy discharge instead of watery.

I'm thinking that I got a UTI and I also had BV because of my period, and then for whatever reason maybe now I'm getting a yeast infection. Does a yeast infection have a sweet smell... I suppose it could be likened to white bread? I'm very confused and concerned... I don't have insurance until December and I cannot afford to see a doctor at this point, although if I can't get this under control, of course I will. Any advice or ideas of what may be going on?

Before you ask, yes, I am sexually active. I have sex with just one person, am on the birth control pill, and we do not use condoms. I know that him ejaculating inside of me is a good way to get BV, so that may be the culprit as well (although we haven't done that in a couple weeks, actually).

Thank you!
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