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Sustaining erection

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Where do I start? Well Im 32 years old and recently got together again with the love of my life. We dated during high school then parted ways... for 16 years. We are currently living together and the sex is amazing. I mean everything feels so right when we're together. But recently I've been experiencing... well something goes horribly wrong during intercourse. It seems the only time I can substain an erection and climax is when we are (for lack of the actual medical or proper name) doing it doggy style. Like I said just being with her is the most amazing feeling. Its definetly not a lack of interest on my part because she does arouse me very much. At times just a mere kiss will do the trick. During (again lack of a better term) foreplay I am completely aroused (very easily aroused) and continue to be at the start of our love making sessions. Then something goes horribly wrong. I will completely lose my erection. Going back to foreplay will make it return. So I have no idea whats going on so any help on this matter will be so helpful. Like I said earlier the sex is amazing she is amazing everything eels awesome. Im a healthy guy no blood pressure issues I do not take any meds. I do not engage in illegal drugs I dont even drink alcohol. Diabetes does run in my family and havent been checked for it in about 4 years. I did experience pancreatitis 5 years ago.
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replied August 30th, 2009
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When you are going to penetrate her doggy, tell her to really turn you on...Talk dirty to you...Really drive you wild...Then turn her over...Spread her legs and let her have it....You are playing a game in your mind about only being able to do one thing...Try other positions...The end of the bed is awesome...I just found out that being bent over in our walk in shower leaning on the bench can drive you wild...Use some hot variety....Makes for a lot of fun...Good luck...

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replied September 1st, 2009
i cant mantain anerrection the blood test shows i have staph can
i cant keep an errection either i have it right before we start and just before we start anything i loose it.i did a bllodtest the doc said i had staph after series of antibiotics the doc says am ok but am scared of trying what if i cant maintain it my woman has a wild appetite
please advice could staph cause not been able to mantain an erection?
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replied September 9th, 2009
You must consider some change in your lifestyle and pay special attention to your diet too. This is a sort of erectile dysfunction that can be coped with easily by introducing some changes in your lifestyle. I recommend the following articles for you read to increase your knowledge:

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2- r-Men-That-Increase-Sex-Drive-and-Help-Men -Get-a-Rock-Hard-Erection&id=2795287
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