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Suspicious symptoms reported by Facebook friend.

Hi. For the past year, one of my friends on Facebook has been reporting some very suspicious symptoms, almost "Mystery Diagnosis" type symptoms. First she reported on her wall that she had pressure or something in her spinal canal and had several spinal taps. Now it appears, it has devolved into some type of pneumonia, and her recent wall post describes it as "getting worse" and making her sound like "a wheezing, hacking dog." Also, it says that she was on medications for a while but as soon as she was through, it came right back just as bad as before her prescriptions.

I have been watching the TV program "Mystery Diagnosis" for a number of years and am rather alarmed at the symptoms she is reporting through her Facebook. Anyone who has dealt with people with similar symptoms, yes that includes all doctors, surgeons, therapists, nurses, and paramedics, please feel free to come forward.
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replied April 24th, 2011
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