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Suspicion of chronic meningites


My current symptoms are: mild headaches (especially in the right side of the body), involuntary
muscular contractions (whole body), numbness and tingling (especially arms and legs), difference between right and left side (tactile, thermal, pain and pressure (whole body-e feel better with my left side and less with my right side-for example, if I put cold water on my head, the water is colder on the left side then the right). I feel heavier on the left side. My condition is getting worse by day. Also, my memory and state of consciousness are being affected (and it is getting worse). Another problem: I do not feel the way I used to do- example: happiness or sadness sensations are reduced.
The problems started last summer at the end of June 2015.
I went to a lot of doctors. neurologists, done MRI investigations of my brain and spinal cord (the images revealed no lesions). My general blood tests are normal. Lyme and Syphilis tests were negative (though the p14 protein in case of Lyme disease test was positive). I had a very bad otitis media in February-March 2015. After that, a tinnitus remained in my right ear. Now, the otitis reappeared (both ears).
Besides these investigations, I went to the psychiatry and took meds for anxiety and depression with no results. Actually, they worsen my condition. I also go to psycho therapy- the therapist said that this is not a psychological problem after getting to know me better and I should investigate the neuro problem.
My neurologist thinks it is a chronic inflammation of meninges. Could this also cause an inflammation of the brain? He said that it is possible and the inflammation is not visible on MRI. Also, the MRI I had was done without contrast substance.

What do you think it is? What should I do? What about Lumbar Puncture? Will this reveal the cause? Is this problem connected with the otitis issue?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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