Just a quick question.
How do you decide upon signing with any clinic?
I have already signed with one. And have not regretted my choice. But it's boggling me actually. As it is such a sensitive and important choice. So you cannot just go with whatever agency you see first.
I have signed with World center of baby if you are interested. And it was one of the hardest decisions I have made. I am really content at the moment. But I feel like I am one of those lucky ones who just happen to find the exact thing they were looking for. But a vast majority of people do not really get what they deserve. And the situation of forums is strange. When you are openly talking about this, you get attacked or banned even. I get that almost anyone can just plug in any advert. But I still think that forums should be very open to such suggestions. As long as there is nothing illegal going on.
the point is that it is practically impossible to make a decision based on what you see on the internet. The best thing for me is to go on and talk to the clinics or agencies that may be your choice potentially. But of course, as all of the important things, this is very time-consuming.
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