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Surgery on metatarsal in foot - trouble coping with house arrest

I broke a bone in my foot - tripped down 2 stairs. Had to get surgery - a plate and 9 pins. Had a few complications after surgery, but healing fine now. Toes are still very stiff and hard to move 3 weeks out - and the terry cloth strips are still on there even though the nurse said they'd fall off in a couple days. Not a lot of pain anymore, but my foot will get very discolored if it's not elevated.

More than anything, how are other people dealing with not being able to do anything? I can't drive, and thankfully my boss is allowing me to work from home while this is healing. However, I'm extroverted almost to a fault, and it's exceptionally lonely in my apartment. I'd originally been training for tough mudder and a half marathon, so having to be inactive has been a HUGE change in the day to day. I'm finding myself sleeping a lot and being generally depressed. I have another 4 weeks on crutches (zero weight bearing) and probably 4-6 additional weeks after that in a boot. How have others coped?
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