I planned to do surgery,surgery was done already twice for nasal blocking.So now I have some knowledge on what needs to be done. I recently visited a specialist and gather what is the exact problem why blocking is coming often, CT scan was done for me and he reported that I am having nasal polyps and it needs to be removed so a surgery is required.

I went to another doctor he told me a septoplasy needs to be done

One more doctor told me to do an endoscopic sinus surgery.

Now I am totally confused which one should I have to do. Please help me;

Few days before I started going for walking and doing exercise. I was feeling energitic and breathing was some what good. But after going to bed blockage starts.
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replied November 10th, 2009
nasal polyps, last surgery 2004, endoscopy and computer assist
i have had many nasal polyps surgery. They tend to come back. My last surgery was over 5 years ago. this time i have lasted so long cuz my allergist had me use a steroid spray, instead of using flonase which is liquid and runs down the throat or right out of the nose, i am using flovent, which is an inhaler, same ingredients as flonase but in powder form. since it is an inhaler, i had to put a baby bottle nipple on it and cut the tip so that i shoot the powder in. It has kept the polyps away for the most part. since i have caught a few colds and sinus infections, the polyps recently returned but are very small. the polyps returned within 2 months with the other surgeries. I swear by the flovent, it even helps control my allergies.
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