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3 surgeries in 9 mos. now double hernia? New Dr. needed?

My husband had 3 hernia sugergies in the past 9 months and now he's told he has a double hernia. The same surgeon has been performing the surgeries. He is going for a consult with this same guy tomorrow. What questions should he be asking this doctor? Does anybody have any insight on why this would keep happening? I'm concerned that this doctor isn't doing something right and he should see a different one...but I'm just the wife with my own opinion. I would appreciate any opinions or thoughts on this.
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replied May 25th, 2012
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I would tend to agree with you - time to see another surgeon, preferibly a hernia SPECIALIST in your area. Three surgeries in nine months? Ouch!!
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replied June 15th, 2012
Not necessarily - I too have had 3 surgeries and am now expecting a 4th for a double recurrence. My surgeon informed me that I have diastisis recti - a condition that was the result of former surgery gone amok - resulting in the tear of abdominal muscle wall - making recurrence likely - am now researching possible alternative therapies- you might ask if he has a similar diagnosis
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