For quite some time I have been very interested in surgery. Actually, surgeon has become a dream job for me. I have always been a bright student with ridiculously high grades in everything so I think that with a lot of hard work I would be able to get into medicine studies.
I have been reading up about people's opinions about working as surgeons in the USA. It's really great that pretty much all of them say how amazing and satisfying this job is. However, they also say that it includes very long working hours (50-60 hours a week + time on call). I am very, very anxious about this. You see, I have a huge plethora of interests and passions (not only surgery, but also programming, engineering, poetry, parkour etc.) and having a LOT of free time that I could dedicate to them seems to be even more important to me than job satisfaction.

So basically, my questions are:
What would be my best option to work as a surgeon in the USA with the shortest possible working hours?
Would it be possible to make it no more than 40 hours a week + time on call no more than once every two weeks?
Do the working hours of surgeons differ between the surgeon subspecialities?
This is REALLY important to me. Question
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